• Digitally share your details from your Genius Card with a simple Tap
    • Eliminates the need to manage inventory of business cards
    • Cloud based – Do It Yourself¬† platform to update all your business card information
    • Share Product / Service Catalogues for instant buisness pitch
    • Instantly shares your social media handles (Whatsapp / Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and more)
    • Strong MIS and system intelligence of shared data with customers
    • Data stored on the world’s no.1 cloud server with strong security licences.
    • Reduce time and effort of placing and waiting for printed business cards.


  • Instantly share your information with the customers phone
  • Never run out of business cards
  • Update / edit details on our customised appliation within minutes.
  • Share your business offerings instantly for greater recall and business growth.
  • Facilitates connections with customers across social media platforms resulting in greater engagement
  • MIS helps you to monitor and ensures safety of your data.
  • Offers freedom from mundane activities and offers more time for business growth and prosperity